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THE WONDER OF UNICORNS DIANA COOPE In "The Wonder of Unicorns," Diana Cooper explores the mythical and magical realm of unicorns, beings that reside in the seventh dimension, often referred to as the seventh heaven. These enchanting creatures, akin to angels, work with the soul and assist individuals in fulfilling their pre-life contracts through their divine energy.

The book delves into ancient myths and legends surrounding unicorns, offering a higher spiritual perspective on who they are, their place in the angelic hierarchy, and their role in relation to humanity. Cooper provides insights on how individuals can connect with these seventh-dimensional beings on a personal level.

Once prevalent during the times of Atlantis, unicorns are described as beings of light who bring joy, wisdom, and healing. Through their guidance, they open hearts, offer protection and support, and inspire actions that benefit the greater good. The return of unicorns to Earth is seen as a means to assist humanity on its spiritual path.

Readers will find practical guidance on consciously connecting with unicorns, including creating a unicorn humming ball, engaging in unicorn healing, and participating in dream work with these magical beings. The book offers meditations, rituals, ceremonies, and games that seekers on the path to enlightenment can apply to tap into the extraordinary abilities of unicorns.

"The Wonder of Unicorns" also includes real-life stories and anecdotes from individuals who have encountered and experienced unicorns firsthand, inspiring and empowering readers on their spiritual journeys.

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