Situated in the heart of Braidwood, New South Wales, Blue K1ngdom welcomes you to a warm and all accepting haven filled with the vitality of Spirit and the intention of respite and healing.

From Mind, Body & Spirit, Metaphysical & Quantum focused books, Organic Apothecary of loose herbal supplies, beautiful crystals, locally sourced and handcrafted supplies for healing and health.

Our desire is to feed the many levels of earthly and cosmic needs of the spirit within. For a high vibrational yet grounded space that brings peace to mind, body and soul.

​Inside the Blue K1ngdom there is love, acceptance and opportunity for the awakened and awakening  to find pathways to nourishment and healing that can aid them on their beautiful journey of life on this planet and beyond.



Blue Kingdom Braidwood - Our Bricks & Mortar Esoteric store.

Cant wait to meet you!


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