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THE GOOD TAROT Explore The Good Tarot, a divination system rooted in centuries-old traditions with a modern and simple psychic architecture. Priced at NZ$45.95, this deck is grounded in contemporary positive psychology, emphasizing the expression of the highest good for all. The 78 cards represent archetypal aspects of the human experience, applicable within ourselves, with others, or in the broader world.

The suits in The Good Tarot correspond to the four elements, with Air representing Swords, Water replacing Cups, Earth for Pentacles, and Fire standing in for Wands. A unique feature is that the cards convey messages in the form of affirmations in the present tense, offering immediate and personal integration of their energy. Unlike traditional decks, the focus is not on forecasts or warnings but on empowering users to connect with the cards on a personal level.

Author Colette emphasizes that The Good Tarot is a valuable companion during uncertain times, providing guidance and illumination in the darkness. The deck is particularly useful when feeling lost, seeking confirmation about a chosen direction, contemplating the consequences of decisions, or aiming for a deeper understanding of one's circumstances. With a focus on recognizing various forms of truth and finding light within the shadows, The Good Tarot encourages users to enhance the brilliance of their own light.

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