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PSYCHEDELIC MYSTERIES OF THE FEMININE Dive into an exploration of the profound connections between feminine consciousness and altered states, spanning from ancient times to the present day. Authored by a diverse group of contributors, including scholars, artists, shamans, and policy makers, this book delves into the transformative powers of feminine consciousness and its relationship with altered states.

The text unveils the inherent connection between women and shamanism, highlighting the intuitive gifts of women and the ease with which the female body can experience altered states, such as those encountered during childbirth. Regardless of gender, psychedelics and ecstatic trance are shown to expand the mind, tapping into and enhancing feminine states of consciousness while fostering a reconnection with the web of life.

Key themes explored in the book include the archetypal dimensions of the feminine principle, entheogens providing access to ancient archetypes like goddess consciousness and the dark feminine. The contributors delve into the historical role of women in shamanistic practices, from the rites of Dionysus to Norse witchcraft. The text also investigates various paths to ecstasy, such as trance dance and holotropic breathwork, drawing parallels between giving birth and the experience of mind-altering substances.

Examining the healing potential of the feminine and altered states, the book explores plant medicines like ayahuasca and redefines the medicine-woman archetype for the modern era. Contributors discuss the feminine in the creative process and advocate for feminist psychedelic activism, calling for greater representation of female voices in psychedelic research.

By sharing the wisdom of the "femtheogenic" experience, the book proposes a shift beyond patriarchal paradigms, asserting that the fusion of feminine consciousness with psychedelic knowledge holds the key to inclusivity, interconnectedness, and balance—a vital catalyst for healing and conscious evolution in our world.

Allyson Grey

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