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FRINGE KNOWLEDGE FOR BEGINNERS  "Fringe Knowledge for Beginners" is a lucid primer that offers insights into metaphysics, cosmology, human origins, alien agendas, the matrix control system, and spiritual empowerment. Presented by Montalk, this book serves as a timely and accessible resource for individuals seeking a balanced and concise overview of the "bigger picture."

Key topics covered in the book include fundamental questions about existence and the human experience:
- Why are we here? What is the meaning of life?
- What are dreams? Is reality a collective dream?
- Can our minds influence reality?
- How was the universe created?
- Where did humans come from?
- Do aliens exist, and what is their purpose?
- What can we do about the world's problems?
- How can we awaken spiritually?

"Fringe Knowledge for Beginners" is designed to provide practical wisdom for truth-seekers and those embarking on a journey of awakening. It aims to offer clarity and understanding on complex subjects in a way that is accessible to beginners in the realm of metaphysics and spirituality.

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