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CRYSTALS FOR KARMIC HEALING    The book you've described is "Crystals for Karmic Healing" by Nicholas Pearson. The author explores the spiritual and chemical interpretations of more than 50 healing stones, fossils, flint, and amber. The book delves into using crystals and gemstones for resolving negative karma, discovering one's soul purpose, and achieving spiritual growth.

Key features of the book include:

1. **Healing Stones:** The author details the spiritual and chemical aspects of various healing stones, providing insights into their properties and uses.

2. **Advanced Crystal Exercises:** The book offers advanced crystal exercises for past-life regression, cutting karmic cords, releasing cellular memories, and accessing the Akashic Records.

3. **Crystal Grids and Layouts:** Readers are guided on using crystal grids and layouts for healing karma and aligning with their soul's purpose.

4. **Spiritual Practices:** The book explores practices such as colour therapy, chakra therapy, gem elixirs, and dreamwork in the context of karmic healing with crystals.

5. **Violet Flame and Spiritual Alchemy:** Pearson explains how to access the Violet Flame of spiritual alchemy and the Seventh Ray for transmuting karmic patterns.

6. **Guidance from Spiritual Beings:** The author introduces spirit guides, gods, goddesses, angels, and the Lords of Karma who can assist in karmic healing.

7. **Practical Applications:** Practical guidance is provided on cleansing and programming stones, incorporating crystals into everyday wear, and working with specific types of crystals, such as crystal skulls and Lemurian seed crystals.

The book offers a holistic approach to working with crystals for personal transformation, karmic healing, and spiritual evolution.

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