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CRYSTAL PRESCRIPTIONS VOL.3  The book you're referring to is likely "The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones" by Margaret Ann Lembo. The author explores the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and geopathic stress (GS) on health and well-being in this third A-Z directory. The book provides insights into the healing crystals associated with these conditions, offering practical applications for personal energetic support and environmental protection.

Key features of the book include:

1. **EMF Pollution and Geopathic Stress:** The book addresses the impact of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and geopathic stress (GS) on health and well-being.

2. **Crystal Portraits:** The directory includes 20 crystal portraits, assisting readers in identifying the right crystals for their needs related to EMF and GS effects.

3. **Practical Applications:** The book offers practical applications for using crystals to support personal energy and healing in the context of EMF and GS.

4. **Environmental Protection:** Information is provided on using crystals for environmental protection against electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

5. **Essential Information:** The directory includes essential information on how to keep crystals working effectively, ensuring their continued support.

The author, Margaret Ann Lembo, is known for her comprehensive guides on crystals, minerals, and stones, and this book seems to focus on the specific challenges posed by EMF pollution and geopathic stress, providing practical guidance on crystal use for healing and protection.

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