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ABORIGINAL ANCESTRAL WISDOM ORACLE DECK    Discover a unique approach to gaining insights from various perspectives with the Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom Oracle. Each card offers both light and dark messages from the Ancestors, providing a holistic view of a situation. The Oracle operates within four distinct environments:

1. **Freshwater Wisdom:** Navigate through muddy waters to the clear downstream, where clarity emerges, making everything transparent.

2. **Saltwater Wisdom:** Journey to the deepest depths of wisdom, where messages become more evident as you draw closer.

3. **Desert Wisdom:** Uncover knowledge hidden in plain sight; exploring the situation as a whole reveals answers that may be apparent over time.

4. **Rainforest Wisdom:** Assess your environment from the background, allowing you to ponder your next move strategically.

Light messages confirm you're on the right path, offering words of wisdom and encouragement to continue your journey. On the other hand, dark messages prompt you to consider alternative perspectives, encouraging exploration for different outcomes. The Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom Oracle provides a dynamic tool for gaining profound insights and navigating life's journey with a broader perspective.

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