It might seem like an odd pairing, but lately, these topics have been popping up a lot, especially with the new year and new cycles in full swing. Whether it's chatting with folks in the conscious community or just pondering things on a personal level, sage and cleansing rituals have been front and centre.

With the new year behind us now and winter in our midst which means another cycle change, I've been getting bombarded with questions about how to use sage for clearing and cleansing. It's like everyone's gearing up for a new chapter and wants to start it off on the right foot.

In my customary fashion, I am perpetually eager to demystify the seemingly mystical, particularly for those who may approach this realm with scepticism or newfound curiosity.

We find ourselves in an era where the human experience grapples with the ambiguity and sensation of an uncertain future. The collective energy, shaped by a powerful undercurrent of fear, casts a fog or haze over the mind. (There is a long list of reasons for this, but those are for another time.) This subtle influence permeates the subconscious, subsequently manifesting in our conscious actions and decisions.

Nonphysical entities predominantly inhabit the astral realm, distinct from our physical existence. However, they possess the ability to extend their presence into the etheric realm, a subtle nonphysical energy field that runs parallel to our physical world. The key disparity lies in their proximity: the astral realm is distant, while the etheric realm is intimately intertwined with the physical, overlapping spatially with it.

So, here's the deal: these entities mainly hang out in the lower astral realms, far from where we are. But, they've got this trick where they can pop into our world through portals. Their goal? Building up an etheric body so they can stick around longer here. They're like energy vampires, feeding off stuff like our life force and emotional vibes. It's a double win for them—they get stronger by chowing down on both our life force and our feelings.

What's tricky is they don't always have to stir up negative emotions in us to get their fill. We might not even realise what's happening until we're feeling totally drained and out of it. It's like they're playing mind games, leaving us feeling disconnected from who we really are and zapped of our creativity and mojo.

So, it's really important to grasp the difference between the astral and etheric realms for a bunch of reasons. The etheric realm is all about either being super positive or negative when it comes to life vibes, while the astral realm is like a whole spectrum of being either spiritually positive or spiritual negative.

Knowing this, when an entity sucks up your life force/etheric energy, it then spits out etheric energy that matches its own vibe, which is usually all about death, decay, and darkness. This stuff fills the room, mixed with the entity's own negative astral energies. So, when you step into that space, you're not just facing the physical effects like feeling cold or sick, but you're also hit with these astral vibes of irritation, hate, anger, agitation etc. 

And guess what? The entity isn't just chilling; it's actively trying to make things worse for you. It's like a parasite, feeding off your distress and aiming to crank it up even more.

So, here's where the sage enters: when you burn incense, use flower aromatherapy, or smudge your space, you're not just releasing physical particles & atoms —you're also putting out an etheric vibe that mirrors it. These vibes mess with the energy patterns that entity has left behind, disrupting its negative hold on the place. It's like hitting reset on the energy, swapping out the dark, stale stuff for a more positive, life-affirming light/sun energy, especially since it's coming from flowers and plants.

Therefore, if you're feeling good about the whole process, setting positive intentions as you go, you're basically painting a positive picture in the astral realm too. You're sending out vibes that clash hard with the entities' energy, making it super uncomfortable. It's like throwing holy water at it. It does not like it!

The more you keep up with this routine, the more the lair starts to crumble, and it heads back to where it came from. Sure, it might try to swing back later, but it'll have to start from scratch, and that takes a ton of energy, especially the kind it can only get from a strong connection with you—like your subconscious, soul, emotions, beliefs, and mindset.

Let's recap: your subconscious, soul, emotions, beliefs, and mindset are like the keys to this whole astral portal situation. They're what connects, opens, and keeps the doorway between our world and the astral realm functioning.

In simpler terms, the more you vibe with dodgy energies, the clearer you show up on their radar from the astral side. It's like you're waving a big flag, saying "Here I am!" And trust me, those energies aren't just about being evil or negative —they're also about being prey. So if you're swimming in fear, paranoia, or depression, you're basically ringing the dinner bell for them.

It's like that saying, predator and prey are sometimes two sides of the same coin. Oh and just lastly, If a demon gets a deep lock on you from the astral side, it's not just hanging out at your place anymore — it's attached to your very soul and subconscious. It can follow you wherever you go, and even smudging won't shake it off because it's latched onto your psyche.

The only way to shake off this deep attachment is by doing some serious inner work. You will have to reprogram yourself, fill your mind with positive thoughts and emotions, and basically do a deep cleanse of your soul. This will be like fighting a battle on the spiritual battlefield, not just waving around some sage.

People dealing with this kind of stuff often turn to other types of healing modalities to shift these parasites, but let me tell you, it's not easy. It takes a ton of self-mastery and spiritual dedication, and some folks would rather blame everything else than face their own mindset. So yeah, it's a tough road, but it's all about being honest with yourself and taking control of your own spiritual journey.

By fostering our relationship with Spirit, living with positive intentions and nurturing a healthy mindset, we not only ward off negative energies but also fortify our spiritual strength. It's an ongoing voyage of self-exploration and development, culminating a heightened level of inner peace and personal empowerment.

As you venture forward to consider your next move in this topic, let's remain mindful of our innate ability to mould our own existence, create your own reality so to speak. Ask for what you want and DO NOT CONSENT to anything you don't want.

For more information or help:

  • Get advice from a professional who is not overly woohoo, but leads with an element of integrity and grounding.
  • https://montalk.net/
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