What’s really in the BLOOD?

In Greek mythology, the Furies were three women born from the blood of Uranus, the god of the sky, when his son Cronus wounded him battle. In other words, the blood of a wounded warrior gave rise to these fiery women. ( Dominique Christina)

This is a perfect example of how we see at the core, what is initially, the seed of certain gods/goddesses and deities etc. The Furies. Women who were born of violence and trauma, literally the essence, the hologram of the wound.

So who are these conceived daughters of Uranus? Mythology tells us they became the personified embodiment of Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone. They are the 'unceasing, avenging, jealous one's'.

There are many slightly different versions of this myth with emphasis on different points, but to be clear one must consider what energies or entities (self created or otherwise) could survive through not only centuries of linear time, but through dimensions of time. I mean after all we are talking about the gods.

What contractual agreements/bindings/sacrifices could be living within the blood of a father slain by his own son? (What was the agreement the son made, why and with whom, to kill his father?)

But lets look at the blood.

What would it carry? What would be the essence of or be within the energy of this blood that gave birth to life and matter, known as the Furies?

Well Greek mythology suggests that the Furies were the injustices, vengeance and betrayal; doling out whatever justice and revenge they felt was theirs to incur on whomever they deemed guilty or felt justified to - all fuelled by the blood of a terrible wound and action.

How could/would using these elements manifest in or for another and would it not just perpetuate more grief?

What I'm getting to is this... for centuries people have practised working with, aligning with, identifying with or into, or calling in the essences of gods and goddesses/deities, for power or manifestation, for healing or personal growth. Everyday I see and hear this term "Goddess" and "Warrior" in relation to women working with their own wounds. I encourage this completely in an authentic, unique-to-you way/method. However caution yourself when being inspired by some of the deities and god/goddesses - imagine what a woman could do with the unrestrained, raw, 'called in' energy of the Furies, for example, when working with unrealised, unhealed wounds or ego-driven projection or justification. Not to mention if it coincided with a blood cycle! 😬

Should we not first question, investigate or gain a higher understanding of the way in which these gods, goddesses, deities and energies have been created?

Do we really understand what we are working with here? Gods and goddesses are not always as they seem, for as the story continues the Furies were later re-named as the ‘honourable goddesses‘. In some places, the Furies were linked with the three Graces, goddess sisters who represented beauty, charm, and goodness—qualities quite different from those usually associated with the Furies.

...So it would be really helpful to thoroughly investigate what energetic agreements and essences you might be meddling with.

For anyone awakening to their own healing or those on a spiritual journey toward the higher self; do the research, look for the things that are not laid out for you before aligning with ideas and concepts that could in fact keep you further from your own identity and healing.

Truly, there is really no easy path to awakening to truth, whether they are inner truths or external truths.

A good entry point though is to gain some knowledge, listen to and identify with the difference between intuition and ego, use discernment and dare I say it make balanced judgements before aligning with anything or anyone else, or calling anything into your sacred vehicle that is YOU!

This is by far the harder more courageous choice.

And if you need to don your battle armour to access courage, for it is indeed the essence of heroism, then fashion it with the blood that runs through your own hand!



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