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INTUITION: Everyone is intuitive. It’s a skill and skill get’s better with practice.

True intuition, although it can feel like an emotion or feeling, is not a feeling per se, but a knowing. Feelings cannot always be trusted.

Intuition is a mixture of trusting more where the response is, in the body and less in the mind. It’s more a knowing rather than a rational thought. The ego mind will tell you it’s rational especially if it has a stake in the outcome.

A lot of us mistake robust feelings for intuition. It’s about sharpening the understanding of intuition. Usually our consciousness In the moment is brought to a “hit of information, or the sense that something is going to happen. Tune in from a place of Non-attachment.

If you have a preference as to which way you want the information download to go, if you have any sort of bias your intuition may be off.

“You don’t want to tune into intuition with your sacral chakra, which is where a lot of your emotions go, more your 6th chakra your third eye.” Laura Matsue

GUT FEELING Something that is inherently connected to safety. It is either dangerous or not dangerous, its instinctual. It’s a survival mechanism. A FFF response. An instantaneous reaction made without thought. Mostly it is a sensory experience.

DISCERNMENT: Is a combination of a few aspects: knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. These are imperative skills for being equipped to navigate the world today. The inner landscape and the outer.

To truly know discernment, one must spend a considerable amount of time looking at their own healing. This enables you to have worked on the how’s & why’s of your triggers as these triggers are attached to traumas and behaviours.

By doing the inner work you are no longer at the mercy of such strong unhealed reactions that mask themselves as “your truth”. When one is in the process of healing their reactions, they turn into responses.

Responses are choices and are witnessed by you before they have a chance to convert into a reaction, which is loaded with karma. All actions have a cause and effect, and all produce a karmic load that we are constantly experiencing a balancing from; across all lifetimes and dimensions.

Often not, when a trigger or trauma is completely healed no response at all is felt. You can sense in and see that 'yay' its no longer there - next!

The spirit is at peace. The ego's automated programming that initiates a reaction no longer happens, because there isn’t a reaction anymore. A zero-point place is where we begin to dwell.

In the areas of business, however, I have found one must really know thyself to trust their own intuition when working in industry and where money is concerned.

Money is one of the pillars of the Matrix and it has an exceptionally strong hold (almost impenetrable at times) and influence on the elements and programs that are within in us and running us.

These programs are unconsciously influencing our life and our decisions.

To truly make correct business decisions for ourselves we must first line them up against the line of integrity that is at the very centre of who we are and what we represent only to ourselves. This is the honest love and respect we hold for ourselves and the immovable truth that is ours – in that moment, unimpeded by the reactions, influences or opinions of the masses. (i.e.: associates, family, partners, Instagram, Tik Tok)

Not to say we shouldn’t always be in a state of flow and surrender to the higher self, destiny, and universe. There is indeed something running every moment for all beings, at all times, across the universes and in all existence.

But to know what that even is, first you must have a relationship with them. This relationship is imperative so you can distinguish whether it is in fact spirit/source informing you and not something else. If you are not running or in charge of your own reality, then something else most likely is! Ahhh so tricky.

The ego can be extremely deceptive when it comes to business as it is also one of the foundational aspects of the Matrix. The ego will want to align with money. Like attracts like, even in the shadow.

So be discerning and integral to only yourself.

Get to know what these definitions mean for you. Spend the time honing your psychic intuitive self, if only for your own personal growth and relationships.

However a beautiful consequence will be, that the world will gain from your soul's evolutionary expansion.

By Nicki May.

Note: A thankyou to customer George for the inspiration for this piece today & a beautiful friend Amanda.




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