THE WOUND AND THE WOMB... They are interconnected. The womb is the storehouse of trapped energy.

Hurt, pain and fear related to being woman held as dis-ease in the womb, outworking itself and reflecting back into society and community as an accepted projection of feminine currency and value and worth.

Unhealed and unexplored, the womb imagines she holds these wounds safe inside her yet all the while creating lifelong traumas and repeat patterns of entrapment. Unawakened states of the feminine are left un-evolved and blocked.

The womb, when left unfelt, can carry deep ancestral fears, the energy of old lovers, or the imprint of anyone who crossed your boundaries. When its wisdom goes unacknowledged, it can become as cold and barren as a planet that has not seen life for hundreds of thousands of years. Its suppressed instinctual survival mechanisms tense up the whole body, which then causes women to project fear into the outer world. This deep seed of distrust in her psyche stems from the fact that she does not trust herself.⁣

Laura Matsue

The womb is like a compass, an oracle, a lighthouse, a storehouse. It is the sacred part of the feminine that embodies all of ourselves and in constant communication with spirit and ourselves.

Most of the time we have no idea how to access it or even to be aware that we can!

When a woman knows her womb and her own connectedness to her self, when she clears that store house of low vibrational energy her own potential to create becomes a reflection of this clearing and through this healing her ability to find a more integral, aligned sense of herself exists and grows.

If she continues to carry her trauma there, then this will be her outward creation. If she carries healing and integrity and knowledge of herself then this also will be her creation.

As within so without, as above so below. The origin of this saying goes back to ancient times. Here we can understand that our inner thoughts and feelings actually create what we see and experience and these will be a reflection of the circumstances of our life.

Our goal with our lives is to evolve, not devolve.

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

― Hermes Trismegistus

The wounds in the womb could manifest/develop/exist as:

Illness & disease



Repeating destructive behaviors


Unfruitful relationships

Unsealed in acknowledged sexual trauma

Unhealed acknowledged abuse

Un-Healthy femininity

Inability to conceive

Unhealthy mothering patterns

Dysfunctional mother relationship

Abandoned and or misplaced Sexual power

Unkindness to self and others

Disconnection from your body

Over or under development the masculine or feminine

Avoid and attachment patterns

Exaggerated Independence - I am woman and I need no one (can be a trauma response)

Underdeveloped boundaries

Self loathing - body image beat up/ constant comparing

Covetousness & Jealousy

Disconnectedness from your creative energy

Disconnected from the Devine nature of things

Toxic femininity

Over identifying with archetypal constructs

  • prostitute

  • Victim

  • Saboteur

  • Inner divine child

  • Know-nothing Maiden

Inability to commit

Inability to enjoy

Inability to stay still or be on your own

Disconnection from spirit, inner guide, higher self

Disconnection to your own intuition, discernment, gut knowing

This list is endless and as unique to each and every woman.

If this resonates for you there are many healers and experiences that specialise in this type of work with the sacred feminine wound and the womb Or alternatively contact Nicki @bluek1ngdom for more information and out sourcing contacts and healers.


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