Awakening to Illusions & Transformation

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

When you find your consciousness in a state of awakening to something unseen (awareness) - the soul cries out, the spirit soars and every cell in your body intuitively feels ‘woken up’ and you have become aware of changes that need to be made to your daily life in order to find more happiness, peace and love.

However, the ego mind that likes things the way they are, so cleverly distracts you with its usual self-debasing onslaught and all of a sudden that moment of pure love for yourself has vanished.

Perhaps you have had many moments when the call to change, to love more and the remembering of who you truly are and want to know, has spoken to you; and yet you cannot seem to make the move, take action or physically implement change. Why?

You ask yourself - “Why can I not move from where I am to where I need to be? Why am I on this repetitive cycle?”

Well, if I may quote the words of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -

“The element of surrender is missing”

Surender what? Hmm exactly

This is an illusion indeed. Firstly, one can never lose themselves for they are eternal and secondly, one cannot be lost to an illusion - something that is not real – Even the illusion of surrender itself can be tricky as the mind will try to inform us that we have lost or given something up or away.

However for the purpose of being free, one so desires for something new and yet cannot and will not surrender, even in some small way the attachment to the life you are living and the FEAR of losing it and it’s meaning, to who and what you perceive yourself to be. All this appears to be at stake.

Yet if there is one thing that is a certainty in this existence, it is change. (And thank goodness – are there have been many experiences that I would not want to have to be permanently held in)

Change can be difficult to contemplate and even survive so we hold firm to ‘how things are, even when it is inevitable and actually insane to enter into the belief that one can hold this experience as is, forever. Oops.

I prefer to look to change as transformation. (this year has been a doozie)

Yet what a comfort to know that with my eye open and transformation blowing through the very essence of my being, a new horizon of deeper self-love, purpose and love for others and life on this planet is before my eyes.

My greatest prayer is that all continue to transform their own understanding of love internally and then to extend their light of love upon the world.


💛💫 EM

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