Karma - What even is it?


I have heard this word karma and it’s assumed meaning tossed around in conversation almost as long as I can remember, long before I consciously began my 'awakening' journey.

As a young girl growing up and being quite enthusiastic I created my own fair share of hurt and havoc as I made choices to experience things, events and relationships in certain ways that heaped pain and anxiety onto others and in turn created a situation where I too suffered from these choices.

As I became more conscious of actually what I was doing and then getting very tired of having to fix what I had broken or make amends to those I had hurt, I knew a change must come. I distinctly remember a particular instance in my early 30’s when I made a conscious decision to take responsibility for my actions when I was experiencing that part of my menstrual cycle when my moods were fluctuating and my hormones were plummeting and rising, when in certain moments or in the span of a day I could make such poor decisions that could easily see me burn every bridge and sever or injure relationships that I had been building or fostering.

No one really tells you that it is your responsibility to take hold of yourself and regulate.

After this instance (and a few more significant ones) I began to gain knowledge and skills that could help me to begin this transformation or change to my behaviour so as to survive the fire of my own egoic outbursts. Looking back I see this as a pivotal moment in my awakening process, this understanding of how my actions for whatever reason I believed, were justified, would need to require a balancing in my lifetime and beyond. This realisation began the process of balancing out Karmic debt so to speak. Mind you from this point it was still a slow process as I wavered back-and-forth, sometimes making high vibrational choices and sometimes not and sometimes not even caring.

Now as I am nearer to the half century age mark in the linear time line and with significant and some fairly recent massive shadow integration, this along with traumas, pain, loss, shame, guilt, marriages, divorces, illnesses, children, regret, mistakes and the like under my not so smooth exterior, I am learning to take this thing called karma seriously.

Now I work with my own Higher Self and Spirit which is ever teaching and strengthening my inner growth and healing. This is the underpinning of how I ground myself into my own life. Through working with the shadow parts of my psyche, owning my own shit, moving from victim to victor and through ongoing years of research and education, I have gained some of my own wisdom and inner resources.

Here, in an attempt to explain more about the workings of karma, it is not so much about minimising karma but minimising negative karma and creating more positive karma by living a life with personal integrity, through one's thoughts, actions, words and deeds.

I also put out this disclaimer that I have not reached any state nearing that of a Bodhisattva by any means, but am living and practising at staying at point zero; witnessing my own self, what triggers me and how I respond to that whether it be through projection and attack or by and through a process of inner work, self reflection and self forgiveness.

Now my understanding of karma is simply the universal LORE of compensation.

The universe allows man to create any creation he wants to experience, it does not judge, it does not blame, it does not create guilt, but it does have laws.
The laws of LORE are that man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action and what ever creation you create, you in return must experience that creation as it was your creation and only by you experiencing your creation will you ever understand the experience as the giver and receiver of that creation, which in turn keeps balance.
Steve Richards – Holographic Kinetics

This means that one must experience their own creations, be them good or not so good. The universe doesn’t judge one for their actions but will ensure a balance absolute, by one experiencing what they have created. Stated by Steve Richards, founder of Holographic Kinetics HK, (Holographic Kinetics is the science behind our past ancient Aboriginal knowledge of LORE and a combination of over 50 years of researching)

I mean I don't know about you. but I am definitely in the market for reducing my own suffering. It seems like such a logical thing to do to understand this act of kindness and personal relief to yourself. Yes?

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is an understanding of how universal laws work and how every action creates a counter-reaction, Just as there is an above, there is a below--Just as there is a forward, there is a backward-- Just as there is an internal invisible world, there is an external visible world--and there is always the point Zero of the observer [mans conscious choice] that is positioned between the two--in the creation of all imbalance that are the cause--set up in the invisible--then transmute through into the visible, as effect.
Steve Richards – Holographic Kinetics 

So we need to accept that whatever we are experiencing is our own creation, as according to the universal law of compensation there is a balancing occurring. For the most part, if we are able to honestly sit with ourselves and witness our behaviours, it is likely that in many aspects we would see the causal chain that we have created.

When one is at a point where they can deeply investigate their own shadow self autonomously then identifying core axis points of where the causal chain has begun, is possible. However one can spend years trying to find the root of such things with deep honest courageous enquiry and still find no answers or relief. When no answers are found perhaps a modality such as HK could be investigated as this modality is excellent for uncovering and clearing hidden traumas as I have personally experienced.

When understanding that we are experiencing our own creation, as difficult as it may initially be, we have a huge opportunity for growth and healing and this will often coincide with deep personal shadow work with Spirit and ego, where the layers of hidden trauma can be reached in order for personal acceptance, transmutation and healing to occur. This kind of personal work can be frightening and requires courage but those that desire freedom can truly find a way to transcend this cycle of causation.

To cause something there must be an effect whether it is seen immediately or much later.

If you decide one morning to get up and run to the top of Jillamatong hill having never attempted it before you may not experience much immediate discomfort but the next day you will see the effects of no doubt, quite unpleasant body pain. It is really much like this when we step outside of our integrity, out of alignment as such. We cause something and it sits (maybe) ok with us at the time but later we see the effects and then, the balance must come as it always does.

So in essence, the sooner we can begin to understand this basic yet complex universal law of LORE we can move forward by consciously creating only positive experiences, by living and acting with personal integrity, honesty, kindness and generosity which in turn leads us to experience our positive creations.


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