I Love you FOR FREE

I love you for free:

I will not look to you, to blame you. For I see where I have played my part. You do not look to blame me for your part is known to you.

I will keep myself as the voyeur of my own behaviour. Because my love for myself looks into the window of my own actions to clear away any smudges.

I will support you in your desires, but I do not need to have the same ones. You are in love with yourself, so you do not need me to want your wants. I have plenty of my own.

I love you for free:

When it doesn’t cost you to love another. When it doesn’t cost another to love you.

When you can walk in the same direction, with the same sunset ahead, yet tread your own path to get there. Ever in view of each other. Close enough to see if the other can rise after they stumble, redirect themselves and keep going. Close enough where your limbs of support can hold their hand and caress their wounded parts after they have ripped open their own scars and sewn them back together, bloodied but straighter.

I love you for free means I will respectfully give you space when you are going through something and will not blame myself or wonder what I have done. I love you for free means that you can see that I am giving you space, so that you may explore what is yours and with room to discover that you are able.

When the monster in me wants to punish you and leap forth from unmastered wounds lashing like a whip to crack upon the tired slave, I love you for free means that I can conquer this beast before you suffer even the finest of grazes. If your monster comes for me thinking it will tear down all that I have discovered within me; from the sound of my silence, my flow, it will buck and screech its mutation transforming into its own river and drift away.

I will not wonder more than you do about your challenges, but will discuss the solutions that you bring to the co-linear platform to toss around with me, to enable you to find one that fits right for you, for now. When I bring my own in the same way I do not want you to make your solutions mine, for I will find the long way around in my own way, that also realises the sunshine, but discovers a hundred other paths on the way. And you will laugh and be glad of it, unattached to the outcome.

I love you for free means that I will be the toiler of my own prosperity, the creator of my own abundance and will never coerce your back to bend under the burden of carrying more than is yours.

I love you for free, means that my own intimate desires will always be at the core of my sexual experiences. From this I will bring to you the most sacred of pleasures. You will bring to our bed your owned beauty and honest vulnerability, revealing to me a freedon that I can explore in my own self. Always a discovery to the limits of ourselves.

I can love you for free

I can love you for free because I consciously put myself first, treat myself respectfully, with honesty, integrity, forgiveness. I can love you for free because when I thought I would die from my own shame; I chose not to. I leapt into that pit of rotting stench and dragged myself through it until I saw that it had never been what I had conjured at all.

I can love you for free because when I suffered and my body was stretched upon the rack twisting me with a new guilt upon every turn, I defied the torturer and faced the entities of my own creating and they fled at the sight of their creator, at her sovereignty regained.

I can love you for free because I know that you can never love me more than I love me. You know, it is not even your responsibility, nor is it your lot to carry me, pander to me, adore me, put me first or make me happy… I can do this all by myself.

I can love you for free because if you cannot mirror the thrumming tenets of this sweet reflection back onto yourself, I will decide then, that your mysteries must not be mine to discover.

I can love you for free because to swell myself out to you in love, kindness, gentleness, and self-control means to offer these things to myself all over again. Loving you for free comes from the peaceful wellspring that is ME. To be near you and choose to experience what comes next, from this free place, is the best way I know of to love you for free

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