The Time is NOW...

Soften your heart and allow love to flow.

With the Divine Feminine on the rise to finally bring balance, as a species we will all feel the effects of such a shift. As the woman takes her place in balance and along side the masculine many could struggle with a sense of loss, relief, change of path, anger, a sense that they no longer fit into the skin they are wearing.

Women have indeed suffered along with our Mother Earth from this masculine dominance, but let's not forget how men have also suffered unable to connect to their feminine and made to feel un-manly or soft because of their need to feel emotion or sensitivity to another freely. As a race we have all paid the price.

We are entering and have been for quite a while a massive shift of vibration. THE TIME IS NOW to soften your heart and allow love to flow, with acts of kindness and forgiveness, acceptance and non judgement to self & others.

Those dwelling in the darkness and practising dark arts turn away from the blackness, rid yourself of these entities and embrace the eternal spark of light that is within and not ever lost.

Let this happen without fear. From polarity to balance brings equality - AND THAT BRINGS UNIVERSAL ONE-NESS where we see humanity move as a whole, raising the Spiritual Light Quotient (SLQ) and bringing into being a NEW 5D EARTH -

So very exciting...

Love each other xxx

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