FEAR By Osho - Understanding & accepting the insecurities of life

FEAR By Osho - Understanding & accepting the insecurities of life BLUE K1NGDOM· SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2019·3 MINUTES Read

This is a time of uncertainty with the current fires all around us and all of us being touched by fear and by the trauma of other peoples circumstances, let alone their own. (vicarious trauma)

I have been overwhelmed by the courage and support and love that is being shown throughout our little town. On many occasions bringing me to tears. I am truly blessed to have witnessed such love and unity in the face of fear.

However, I have also noticed so much inaccuracy of stories and suffering and location of fires and threat through social media platforms and there is a lot of talk about how frustrating and concerning this can be for many at this time when they cannot reach their loved ones and when there is such unpredictability . Even though I know people may just be working through their own fear in their own way, by posting and sharing such sensational images and content.

So as an extra thought perhaps find a reliable source on your social media platforms and trust and stick with that to gain a sense of knowledge and peace.

Over the past week I have done my best to stay off social media, preferring to hear real stories as they come to me. However a few nights ago I spent a considerable amount of time indulging for hours (to be honest) in the going on’s of drama attached to the fires all around us. Yes I felt the fear monster begin its little dance inside me gobbling up my fear as it grew and getting larger and larger wanting more and more. I had to say “ not today mate!” and that raising such ambiguity inside me would come to no good. Surely the fire - ies camped down at the National Theatre did not need this crazy hysterical wild haired woman in her ageing jaamies, wailing on their doorstep.

Yesterday I spoke with a couple who have lost everything in these fires and whilst in their presence I physically witnessed them emptying their own wallet in generosity to help another who also needed aid. It took my breath away! I said to myself ‘ Geeze I bloody love people!’

It is a good reminder for us all to stay calm and regulate our behaviour and responses, trying to maintain a posture of stillness for our loved ones, animals, nature and mother earth as she is cleansing and regenerating in this way.. but also for our community as a whole.

It is a tough time and at the end of the day we are all having a human experience. Why dont we do our best to let that experience be an outward expression of kindness, patience and love, not only towards others but also to ourselves by regulating what we allow into our spirit.

What better time for us to be putting aside any grievances and enter into showing each other what we really have inside us and what we have at our hearts centre. blessings Nicki xx

End note with love: May I just say that even though we all understand the greater meaning of being detached from material possessions, when faced with the loss of our homes and the familiar life that we have been building around ourselves - the actual reality, loss and grief of these things will be traumatic to the being and self and will be a process of change and acceptance with varying emotions outworked, which people individually will experience in their own way at their own pace, needing ongoing support and love.

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