Who is more spiritual?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

As spiritual beings we can get caught up in the 'Spirituality' of things.

Who is more spiritual and who is more gifted and who has more knowledge?

Really all that one must desire is love in order to CONNECT, KNOW and LIVE A SPIRIT FILLED LIFE.

We apply a man-made, ego based, lack filled, outdated coded system, paradigm or lens for the spirit to move in. No wonder it doesn't! and peace is not achieved - oops!

We think that to be angry in the moment or to be or have a certain emotion or pain in the moment is to step out of our spirituality or to step out of alignment with love -

But really to resist, to introduce resistance to the situation - Through the mind is what stepping out of a sense of spirituality could be.

Just stay in love with yourself and others, and allow all things to flow and then move to the next experience.

Any sense of shame or regret or self abasement is a trap of the mind (internally created or external) - not the spirit. So, as we look at furthering our experiences and remembering of who we are, our purpose and sense of peace, be gentle with yourself and others

Blessings, Love & Light

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