Can you escape your racing thoughts? Or let them outrun you?


Sometimes this can definitely be a challenge especially when strong emotions are involved. The ego mind says “ah, I’m on to something here” It knows your particularly responsive and then enters into the racing onslaught of thoughts to bombard you. This is just fear -Ultimately an illusion.

Yes I can escape them by entering into gratefulness, for this can slow my mind down allowing peace to find a balance and a home within.

Or enter into something creative - I deliberately transmute the energy into creativity.

They say “ As the creator created so you create” By entering into the creative flow (a natural alternate state) you are as one with the Great Spirit and you have the opportunity to leave the other state behind and transform your racing thoughts into something else, a new physical formation (through the actual creating process) of the old, & lighter higher vibrational frequencies of thought matter have been manifested.

Blessing, Love & Light Nicki

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