Boundaries, Inner Work & Chaos

It is no surprise that today we find ourselves challenged by the onslaught of negative hostile forces, negativity and confusion in general. There is no doubt that we are in a spiritual battle. We are being attacked on all levels, body, mind, emotions and Spirit. (Etheric bodies & Astral energies too)

With this atmosphere at the forefront, humanity is feeling the pinch, or punch!

Those of us who are awake will be digging deeper into our own healing and maybe finding ourselves spending more time off grid, in our own company and stepping back from the low vibrational resonance that is more tangible in denser populated areas, accumulated by the 'mass man'

Lately I am seeing a resurgence of talk about boundaries. With such ambiguous times about us at present, as we enter into a world phase that for many is confusing and fearsome; anxiety and fear is running amok.

With the current planetary conjuncture at full speed ahead, we are being asked, if not rudely pushed by timeline dynamics; which is in fact hurtling us towards a range of probable futures, to clean out our psychological, spiritual, emotional & physical closet, and take our baggage to the Salvos, so to speak.

With this unknown future of reality ahead, Spirit, Higher Self and the Universal Lore of divine order is in fact driving us to clear our slates, in order to balance karmic cycles. I for one would rather not have to bring the crazy that I have repeatedly experienced in this timeline with me into the next part of this up and coming show down and beyond. With what's to come, being grounded and trigger free (AMAP) is what I am aiming for.

So lets start with boundaries. Firstly, (including myself) the phrase "setting boundaries" has been a bit of a scapegoat, especially for those of us who actually cannot authentically and courageously look at their own stuff. This might sound confusing. I hear you saying, "I must tell my truth, I am standing up for myself and setting boundaries". "After all enough is enough, Im going to let you all have it!

But my response to this is: have a look at why you even need to speak out your so called truth. ( truth can be slippery sucker) In most cases responding looks more like reacting. The beauty of looking at triggers etc, is being able to honestly look at what is causing you to want to have your say.

What is causing you to stay bound to the pendulum of action and reaction? If you are hurt, mad, angry, sad, furious - all those emotions are great and valid. But what are you going to do with them?

Many of my clients understand that healthy boundaries need to be implemented in their lives, in order for them to feel a sense of freedom. But for most, they are nervous and frightened about what that will look like, what they will have to do, and who they will be required to confront, to heroically put these courageous boundaries in place.

They are asking will it involve a battle , a face off, a run in? A relevant and honest question. Many addressing this challenge are already experiencing states of exhaustion and the overwhelming task that this kind of action requires can take a grandiose charge of energy, that most likely is already at a depleted level.

Subsequently, the whole exercise instead of aiding the person in their growth just hinders them further. It adds to their mounting anxiety and becomes too difficult to look at or follow through with. Back to square one and adding failure to their list.

So, below are some ways to implement peaceful boundaries and the advantages of these methods.

  • If you want to set boundaries remember they don't always have to be confrontational. In fact they can be the exact opposite. They can look like stepping away, withdrawing yourself, setting time limits, making a schedule and using the schedule as the agency of order (while you are practicing to regain your sense of agency) - "Sorry I only have a few minutes as the schedule says I have to keep moving" (No lies No excuses). Boundaries can look like visiting others instead of others entering your space and staying long after they are welcome. (family or vampiric friends) By changing the order of behaviour you function on your terms allowing you have autonomy; leaving when you want to and not feeling trapped or powerless.

  • These suggestions can bring about boundaries that do not involve confrontation, bust ups, or hurt feelings getting out of control and require little accumulated energy.

  • They allow one to step off the pendulum of action - reaction, hence minimising one's causal karmic chain.

  • Another way to feel safe and free to implement boundaries is to first and perhaps conscientiously enter into some inner work on one's triggers. Wounds, traumas and behaviours that exist inside our egoic structure unhealed or buried, automatically spring up and want a voice.

  • By working through and owning the your one's part in whatever is going on in your world, you actually become more the master and commander of yourself, you become more embodied into yourself and grounded on this earth. You become the authentic owner of your decisions, your actions and your life. The victim becomes the victor and is no longer at the mercy of other situations, others' decisions or reactions. It is not in your control to decide or be responsible for: how others live, respond or relate to you. If you understand what integrity means for yourself, (through much inner exploring) and the ability to listen to spirit within you this intuition enables you to stand in integrity about what boundaries you will want to explore.

  • You will feel the the natural posture of your way of doing life and the pressure will fall off you.

  • Further to say, the more you become comfortable and at ease with who you are, what you want, where you've been, what you did, why you did it, what you learnt, how to heal and how to love yourself no matter what; own it, in honesty to only yourself, then the term 'boundaries' will actually become nothing. As you will be as you are and that will be all.

There is nothing more important than being able to live an existence of ease, flow, peace and authenticity.

It is something indeed to KNOW that all things are happening and will happen.

Learning who we are, for our own growth, healing and evolution is the only way to transcend this Matrix Controlled System. Listen to Spirit, stay connected with nature, love your vehicle (body) and begin the process of honouring it. It has all the information stored in its holograms that you need, to be the you, that you came here to be and to leave fear behind.

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