The Blue K1ngdom store was created as a  gateway for all beings who are on their own journey to remembering who they are.



Nicki is incredibly enthusiastic about sharing her passions. She has an absolutely beautiful and thoughtfully curated space in Blue Kingdom. What a blessing her shop is to the community.

Julia Foster

This shop is amazing. A total feast for your eyes, mind and spirit.
Absolutely awesome!

Helen Farley

Wonderful shop!

Will definitely be visiting again soon!

Olivia Benbow


Situated in the heart of Braidwood, New South Wales, Blue K1ngdom welcomes you to a warm and all accepting haven of love, light and spiritual vitality.

From Mind Body & Spirit, Metaphysical & Quantum focused books, spiritual / ceremonial supplies, therapeutic and healing crystals, to calming and centering candles.


Our desire is to feed the many levels of earthly and cosmic needs of the spirit. We aim for a high vibrational heavenly space that brings peace to mind, body and soul.

Inside the Blue K1ngdom there is love, acceptance and opportunity for awakened and awakening souls, to find pathways to nourishment and healing that can guide them on their beautiful journey of life on this planet and beyond.

91 Wallace St

Braidwood NSW 2622

P: 0499 001 104


ABN 46 101 186 883

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