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"It is important to understand your own personal expectations and level of commitment towards your healing process. No one else can save you or heal you. You must enter into this process and discover your own ability to heal yourself."

~ Nicki May ~

Nicki May Taunton

Currently her time is spent running her business BLUE K1NGDOM and in part time private practice. Nicki has extensive experience working with creative and purpose focused individuals in private practice and within organisations including -


Singing / Music Tuition schools

Indigenous drug & alcohol rehabilitation services

Disability Services

Educational Organisations

Health / Mental Health Services

Art Therapist (NDIS Approved)

Nicki is a qualified licenced and insured practicing Art Therapist who facilitates private one to one Art Therapy sessions (NDIS). 

Art therapy helps children, adolescents, and adults explore their emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability.

No artistic talent is necessary for art therapy to succeed, because the therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of the work, but rather about finding associations between the creative choices made and a client's inner life. The artwork can be used as a springboard for reawakening memories and telling stories that may reveal messages and beliefs from the unconscious mind.

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Art therapy is founded on the belief that self-expression through artistic creation has therapeutic value for those who are healing or seeking deeper understanding of themselves and their personalities.

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Nicki facilitates Spiritual Emergence counselling, specialising in journeying with the individual through the spiritual awakening process. Spiritual Emergence counselling supports the individual through the beautiful yet often gruelling process of the realigning of their world.

As one begins to awaken even in small ways over a long period of time or in a sudden way with ‘big realisations’ the individual will be challenged significantly as the systems/matrix that has been their reality to date, begins to tear away and the individual begins an investigation inward for healing and truth.

Spiritual Emergence therapy takes a holistic, supportive and honest approach to evolving, focused on helping the individual perceive through the lens of a healthy spirit connection, in order to heal traumas, known and unknown, self-development, addressing mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs.

Spiritual Emergence support is helpful in aiding the integration of a person’s psychology, spirit and science with authenticity at its core to expand one’s inner strengths and resources, to create a balanced life and a clearer understanding of the function of the ego mind.

My main focus areas for healing are: 
 - Soul & Spirit

Grief & Loss 
Shadow work 
Karmic patterns

FACILITATING AWARENESS & UNDERSTANDING through open conversation OF: The Awakening* process and creating a conscious reality, Matrix Control System & Agendas, Divine Feminine Aspects, Boundaries, Discussion on safe Psychic practices, Dream analysis, Multidimensional existence, Hyper dimensional Beings.

These sessions will help you implement and integrate new framework and aid in grounding you as you consider and conceptualise the reality that has been your comfort to date. This is no easy task and support is necessary for most individuals. It is important to understand your own personal expectations and commitment in your healing process. No one can ‘save’ you or ‘heal’ you. You must enter into this process and discover your own ability to heal yourself.

Singer | Artist | Teacher


Nicki is also trained in Voiceology, teaching diaphragmatic breathing and the mechanics of singing.

She is passionate about staying in a creative space, loves to write and has worked in the event management arena and the entertainment industry as a professional vocalist for twenty-five years and has been teaching singing and performance for over ten years.

Today she still works as a professional singer and focuses on the use of the breath and voice in healing one’s own trauma and finding personal peace, joy and release through the pleasure of singing.

Certification & Training


  • IV Training & Assessing

  • Art Therapy & Mental Health

  • Sitting with Shadow

  • Mental Health - PTSD / VET & DV Survivors

  • Mental Health Case Study Management

  • Interacting & Communicating Effectively with clients in Practice

  • Working with children through clay, play, sand art & art therapy

  • First Aid Certificate

  • Smoking Cessation Certification


  • Ass. Deg Transpersonal Art Therapy

  • BA Communications

  • Diploma - Communications Media

  • Registered Art Therapist & Spiritual Healer

  • Facilitator for Transpersonal Guidance and Counselling

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103 Wallace St


New South Wales


P: 0499 001 104


ABN 46 101 186 883


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